A rumen bypass fat of vegetal origin, composed of calcium salt of palm fatty acid distillate. Magnapac is stable in rumen with pot affecting ruminal flora or the digestibility of the diet. It is the ideal source of energy for milk producing animals.


  • Magnapac is a highly digestible source of energy
    It allows us to increase the energy density of the diet, thus minimising negative effect of neb (negative energy balance)
  • Improves production and reproductive performance


  • MILK PRODUCTION:is higher during the whole production cycle since there is no weight loss to be recovered
  • METABOLIC PROBLEMS:Ketosis, Acidosis, etc. can be easily avoided as no body tissues are mobilised to fill the high requirements for milk-especially the fat percentage.
  • BODY CONDITIONS: improves as weight loss decreases.
  • FERTILITY RATE: higher conception rates are achieved at first service as consequence of better body condition.
  • FIBRE DIGESTIBILITY:it allows more efficient forage digestion.
  • BUTTERFAT:percentage fat content up by an average of two points.