Magistral is a powerful broad-spectrum fungicide fumigant (powder) used for the prevention and treatment of fungi contamination in hatcheries, incubators, breeding facilities, greenhouses, silos, store rooms, coolers, egg trays, egg trucks, e.t.c.

MAGISTRAL PF comes in the form of a ready to use smoke generator. Once ignited, thousands of fine particles of Thiabendazole (20%) are suspended in the smoke and are deposited on ceilings,walls, floors and other surfaces within a few hours. The action method of MAGISTRAL PF, as a smoke generator, reduces the cost of labour and the risk of human error with application and is suitable for use in areas that do not require wetting.


Fumigant Powder


  • For the prevention and treatment of fungi and fungal spores contamination of Aspergillus spp,Alternaria spp., Penicillium spp., Fusarium spp. and many other fungal species in hatcheries, silos,poultry houses, refrigerated trucks, storage areas etc.