Bupotox PLUS is a complementary immunostimulant mycotoxin inhibitor consisting of the synergistic blend of Hydrated Sodium calcium Alumino-silicate (HSCAS), Beta-Glucan, Mannan-Oligosaccharides and Enzymes that have proven effectiveness in preventing mycotoxin proliferation in animal feed and feed ingredients for pigs.

Bupotox PLUS is a mycotoxin absorbing feed additive with a high-affinity sorbet spectrum for Aflatoxins in monogastric farm animals.

PRESENTATION: Feed additive premix


  • To inhibit mycotoxin growth in feed.
  • To prolong feed storage time.
  • Enzymatic biotransformation of DON, ZEN, OTA, into non-toxic compounds.
  • Immune enhancement presenting unique endotoxin protection.