Digestabile LA® improves the liver functions under extreme conditions

Digestabile LA® is a natural feed additive for cattle. It is a proprietary liver modulator and liver protector that has been developed to optimise beef and dairy cattle’s economic performance by keeping them healthy and productive.

The liver plays a major role in the metabolism of all animals, and it is the first organ to show stress when animals are restricted to intensive production units. Like any other organ it performs within a supply-demand pattern, the greater the demand, the greater the output.

Under extreme conditions, the functions of the liver are pushed to the limit and its output becomes insufficient to maintain equilibrium, Digestabile LA® for cattle is specially formulated to improve liver functions in these conditions.

It contains a combination of natural products namely Silymarin (Milk Thistle) extract and Rumen-protected choline chloride that improves the feed conversion ratio, by means of its choleretic and lipotropic properties that stimulate bile secretion and increases fat mobilization.

It is Heptatonic, which means that it tones, balances, and strengthens the liver. It is also hepatoprotective and therefore supports and protects the liver from poisonous effects of toxins. It also stimulates the regeneration of liver cells by reversing damage done by harmful chemicals. Silymarin extract decreases the rate of cholesterol synthesis in the liver, enhances biliary excretion of cholesterol, and increases conversion towards the bile acids helping neutralize excessive acid in the body. It also acts as an antioxidant which scavenges free radicals (FR) and maintains the oxidative / antioxidative balance in the liver.


  • Improved liver function
  • Increased performance and productivity of dairy and beef cattle
  • Aids with increased milk protein and milk fat
  • Reduces fatty liver ketosis and abomasal displacement
  • Reduces the incidence of fatty liver syndrome
  • Assists with reproductive performance
  • Assists with increased average daily gain
  • Assists with increased Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

For best results and production support in dairy cattle, use during the transition period and in beef animals when they are introduced into the feedlot. There is no milk / meat withdrawal

Lizelle Schutte
BAH- Product Specialist