In our last article, we discussed STRESS in poultry (broilers and layers). E.coli infection (Colisepticemia) is the most economically significant disease complex affecting poultry especially broilers (meat type chickens). This condition (E.coli infection) causes high deaths (mortalities) mostly from day 26 until slaughter.


Some people say it’s a “management disease”. Why? Increased dust, wet litter leading to high ammonia levels all lead to damage to the respiratory lining that facilitates an opening for E. coli infections.

Environmental stress (e.g temperature extremes, insufficient ventilation, mycotoxins, poor quality drinking water) all contribute to the occurrence of E.coli infection.


Certain diseases predispose chickens to E.coli infection and hence it is very important to protect birds from diseases that include Newcastle disease (NCD), Infectious bronchitis (IB), Infectious laryngotrahceitis (ILT), Mycoplasmosis (MG/MS)


Antibiotics have been common practice to suppress E.coli infection. Antibiotic resistance, market pressures, drug withdrawal periods trade and statutory restraints have reduced the use of antibiotics to treat, control and prevent E.coli infections.

This has necessitated a re-evaluation of E.coli infection control and Bupo Animal Health (Pty) Limited have developed over the years a product specifically to prevent and control E. coli infection in broilers namely Ropadiar.


What is Ropadiar?

  • This is a 100% natural product with no withdrawal period.
  • It is a unique blend of essential oils and has antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxigenic properties.
  • In layers, the product improves efficiency in rearing and lay
  • For use throughout the production cycle and as per recommended programs to improve production in both broilers and layers.
  • The product also improves FCR in both layers and broilers.
  • It provides extra protection during stressful periods,
  • It reduces incidences of diseases caused by bacteria hence reducing mortality.

Below is the recommended effective program:


BROILERS (Meat type chickens):
Product Age (days) Dosage
Ropadiar 6 to 10 250ml per 1000 liters of water
15 to 19 200ml per 1000 liters of water
22 to slaughter 150ml per 1000 liters of water


Product Age (weeks) Dosage
Ropadiar 2 to 15 150ml per 1000 liters of water
16 to 60 125ml per 1000 liters of water