Normally, most birds pass small numbers of oocysts in their droppings without apparent ill effects. Coccidiosis becomes important as a disease when animals live, or are reared, under conditions that permit the build-up of infective oocysts in the environment. The intensive rearing of domestic chickens may provide these conditions.

Young chickens pick up the infection from contaminated premises (Bedding ,houses, etc.). These premises may have been contaminated previously by other young infected birds or by adult birds that have recovered from the condition. Wet areas around water fountains are a source of infection.

Oocysts remain viable in litter for many months. In this way, they can contaminate a farm from year to year.

The most easily recognized clinical sign of severe coccidiosis is the presence of bloody droppings. Dehydration may accompany coccidiosis.

Coccidiosis caused by E. tenella first becomes noticeable at about three days after infection. Chickens droop, stop feeding, huddle together, and by the fourth day, blood begins to appear in the droppings. The greatest amount of blood appears by day five or six, and by the eighth or ninth day, the bird is either dead or on the way to recovery. Mortality is highest between the fourth and sixth days. Death may occur unexpectedly, owing to excessive blood loss.

Keeping the bedding dry especially around the drinkers, turning the bedding often. Ensure all bio security measures are in place will help prevent coccidiosis.

We have products to effectively prevent and control Coccidiosis

1. Neopredisan 2% solution 
Neopredisan is an effective, broad-spectrum disinfectant with chloro-m-cresol as the active ingredient. The disinfectant has low residual toxicity. Neopredisan 135-1 is less toxic and more environmentally friendly by being fully biodegradable, and can be used in the presence of animals.

Directions of use:
– 200ml Neopredisan diluted in 10 liters of water.
– Use a Napsak and spray bedding and 1 meter high on walls before placement of Day olds.

2. Bupo Cox liquid 
To assist with the development and improvement of the intestines and avoid escalation of Eimeria spp., Isospora spp and Cryptosporidium spp. To assist in alleviating problems associated with necrotic enteritis.
Bupocox-L is a natural solution for Coccidiosis control.

Directions of use:
– 3ml Bupocox / 2 liter drinking water
– 7 day preventative treatment