Bupo Animal Health today announced that it has made a donation to a long serving landscaping services supplier, Reckson Makaringi of T-Rex Gardening Services . The donation, a set of brand new Ryobi landscaping equipment i.e a Trimtec lawnmower, Petrol chain saw, line trimmer and a bush cutter was made in lieu of Bupo Animal Health’s commitment to invest in the community.

The donation is instrumental in developing T-Rex Gardening Service’s service offering and skill set, all the while taking care of the environment that we all are a part of. From the Ceo’s office, Ms. Antonieta Bupo added, “Our organization depends on our community, and without the help of local vendors like T-Rex Gardening Services, we would not be able to provide our services and products in a clean and safe environment and thus it is only right that we support them back.” Since 2014, Mr. Makaringi has been instrumental in the preparation and maintenance of our garden areas. These and the general spaces around our factory have to be kept highly sanitary at all conditions and this is no small feat.

We have spearheaded other initiatives in the past, supporting schools as Mamelodi High School in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Silverton Primary School in 2016 as well as Meyerspark Primary School in 2017. The group CEO, Mr. Oscar Bupo believes that education is fundamental and should be supported at all costs. “We are invested in the development of our community and employees and will continue to do so.”