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Winter season has great effect on poultry production

During winter various problems like reduction in egg production, reduction in water intake, reduction in fertility and hatchability etc occurs. Therefore,...
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Coccidiosis and control

Normally, most birds pass small numbers of oocysts in their droppings without apparent ill effects. Coccidiosis becomes important as a...
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Mycotoxins: How important are your first 11 days of a chick life to later productivity? Safe guard your chicks

One of the largest costs of poultry farming to a producer is feed. Feed cost consists of approximately 70% of...
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The importance of providing clean water to poultry

“If you cannot drink the water yourself as the farmer, please do not give it to the chickens” POOR QUALITY...
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E. coli infection: A stress disease in broilers

In our last article, we discussed STRESS in poultry (broilers and layers). E.coli infection (Colisepticemia) is the most economically significant...
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Stress in Chickens

STRESS IN CHICKENS The general health of chickens can depend on how much stress the birds are exposed to during...
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First week of life

IMPORTANCE OF FIRST WEEK OF LIFE OF CHICKS A chicken does its most growing in the first week of life. Liveweight increases 4.25 times during the first seven  days of life of a chick,...
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Dairy Farming: Investing in the transition cow

DAIRY FARMING:  Investing in the transition cow. In Sub-Saharan Africa, most dairy cows are kept in small-holder farms, in which...
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What is Ascites

What is ascites? Ascites, commonly known as ‘’water belly” is a condition in which fluid accumulates in a bird’s abdominal cavity....
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Winter brooding

Winter brooding Winter is now fast approaching and this is the most difficult period for any poultry producer due to...
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